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Benefits of Kidzy King Baby Hammock

Science behind it (Why vertical motion rather than side to side?)

The vertical motion replicates the movement of the womb experienced when a pregnant mother walks, producing feelings of suspension and flotation which greatly pacifies the most uncomfortable, distressed and aggravated infant. As your baby moves and plays in the baby hammock, she creates her own gentle stimulus of motion. As she grows, the more this becomes a fascination for her! The Kidzy King Baby hammock stimulates movement, an integral part of toning up your baby's muscles that also increase the neurological muscular coordination.

Sleep benefits

Kidzy King Baby Hammock is specially designed to promote a longer and a more restful sleep for your baby. Parents often find that their baby is restless and cries during the night, but the design of the Kidzy King Baby Hammock enables all babies (and their parents!) to get a good night's sleep. Babies love to be swaddled - it gives them a feeling of security. The hammock provides the natural elements your baby experienced in the womb during.

Great air ventilation

The Kidzy King Baby Hammock is open in the front and top and the sides have a netted material to allow clear ventilation of fresh air for your baby to breath.

High Quality Material

The Kidzy King Baby Hammock is made of the highest quality materials. 100% certified organic cotton that is durable, breathable, and shrink resistant. A foam mattress pad provides a firm and stable sleeping surface within the hammock. This provides a distinct advantage over traditional sheet-type baby hammocks which are too confining. The sturdy steel frame won't bend, rust, or lose its supportive durability over the years. The hammock fabric is sewn tightly and inspected several times before final assembly. Each metal tube has been sandblasted and painted with a high gloss off-white gleaming finish. The spring and cross bar are made with heavy metal and steel. The spring is so durable, it won't stretch or lose its Strength over the years.

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